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Information Requests

We under the Law have the ability to receive information from the agency when it has a direct correlation to our work!


Writing an Effective Information Request

The FLRA has reinterpreted the rules for requesting information under section 7114(b)(4) of the Statute. The particularized need for requested information is much stricter. The union must:

  • articulate, with specificity, why it needs the requested information,
  • include the uses to which the union will put the information
  • and the connection between those uses and the union’s representational responsibilities under the Statute.”
  • The Authority noted that this requirement “will not be satisfied merely by showing that requested information is or would be relevant or useful to a union.” “Instead, a union must establish that requested information is ‘required in order for the union adequately to represent its members.’”

    In other words “properly represent the member in the matter” won’t work. The information will be denied to you

The agency has taken the position that the particularized need must be stated for each item of information requested. You must repeat the reason you need the information.

In addition to satisfying the particularized need standard

  • the union request must contain sufficient particularity to allow an agency to make a decision upon the request.
  • The Authority now requires that “[t]he union is responsible for articulating and explaining Its interests in disclosure of the information. Satisfying this burden requires more than a conclusory or bare assertion. (you can’t just say you need it)
  • Among other things, a request for information must be sufficient to permit an agency to make a reasoned judgment as to whether the information must be disclosed under the Statute.”
  • As to specificity, the Authority will not require the request to “be so specific as, for example, to require a union to reveal its strategies or compromise the identity of potential grievants who wish anonymity.” “Moreover, the degree of specificity required of a union must take into account the fact that, in many cases, ... a union may not be aware of the contents of a requested document.”


Sample of Information Request with fill in spots.


Sample Of Awards Grievance Info Request.